The Mood Collection

standard wax mood collection candles

Today's the day! The newest addition to the Standard Wax family has arrived, and I couldn't be more excited. 

Meet the Mood Collection

The Mood Collection uses the science of scent to make you feel things. Whether you're looking for a happiness boost or a little something to help you focus and power through a project, these brand new blends of fine fragrance oils and essential oils are here to help.

Just like everything else we create, these candles were designed to become a beautiful part of your home. My goal is always that you love the way your candle looks just as much as you love the fragrance. 

Focus: Fresh eucalyptus leaves (and not the menthol-like variety!) create a mood perfect for getting things accomplished. This fragrance has been shown to help clear your mind and tackle that to-do list.


standard wax mood collection


Calm: Lavender and chamomile are the quintessential calming fragrances and they create a perfect harmony to calm your mood. Whether you're getting ready for bed or trying to wind down anxiety and stress, this balancing fragrance is here to save the day.


standard wax mood collection


Happy: Notes of fresh citrus and neroli create an uplifting environment. Neroli is known to alleviate stress and enhance mood, making it a great option when you need a little happiness boost.


standard wax mood collection


Awake: Ylang ylang and grapefruit combine in an uplifting fragrance. Ylang ylang is invigorating and energizing, while grapefruit is known to stimulate the brain. Make this scent a part of your morning routine and get every day started on the right foot.


standard wax mood collection

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