Introducing: The Give Back Shop

From our founder, Sam:

I spend an unthinkable number of hours wondering if what I do makes a difference. I tell myself that I'm making people happy, bringing beauty into the world, or making art more accessible. But I've always wanted to find a way to make an impact in areas I'm passionate about, and projects like this always seem to get pushed back to free up bandwidth for candle-related emergencies (yes, they exist).

Now more than ever, we need people that are willing to change their plans a little, rearrange their priorities a little more quickly, and turn their focus at a moment's notice. This little burning nugget of a far off idea has been buried under more urgent day-to-day projects for so long, and yesterday I felt compelled to get it out immediately. 

The Give Back Shop will launch today, and it will be a place where I can be open, honest and excited about things I'm passionate about and things I want Standard Wax to be known for. Every product in this collection will be tied to an organization, and for each item sold we'll donate $5 to their fund. 

The collection will start small (with a single item, actually) and grow over time. My plan was always to create a large selection of items with a grand launch and press, fabulous images and a lot of wow factor. I realized yesterday, though, that what really matters is getting it out there. I hope as the collection grows, you'll find ways to support things you're passionate about, too.

The first product is live now and will benefit The Nature Conservancy. Check it out here, and if its something you're passionate about too, please share.



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