Phoenix. We love you. We love living and working in a city that's growing creatively every day. We love the dozens and dozens of incredible restaurants and bars you have to offer. We love your mountains and forests, sunsets, saguaros and swimming pools.  We love that you're our home, and love that we discovered localrevibe magazine

Localrevibe takes the best of what Phoenix has to offer and shares it with the world. And it's not the same people, places and things you've heard about over and over again. The magazine profiles people doing genuinely cool things in the desert, and we were so honored to be featured on July's cover.

You can read the article here. Learn more about us, our process, and how weird we are.  And if you're in Phoenix, be sure to pick up a copy! They're scattered all over town at over 100 restaurants, coffee shops and local boutiques.

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