Repurposing is one of our favorite things to do here at Standard Wax. We love making multifunctional pieces of art that can be enjoyed long after their initial purpose as a candle. We’ve mentioned some of the ways your container can be re-used, and our favorite by far is to add a succulent, plant or cactus to it.

We are obsessed with plants, and literally have them everywhere. They're placed throughout the studio, and on almost every surface of our homes. It’s refreshing to have these small touches of nature in the indoor areas we frequent most. Today we decided it would be fun to take some photos and show you how easy it is to add some greenery to your space. 

Here’s how easy it is to get started with repurposing:

When there’s a half an inch or less of wax left, you can use a spoon to scoop out and remove the wax and wick from the container. 


Then, use a rag or paper towel to wipe out any leftover wax. If there’s still some that doesn’t want to come out, try filling your container with hot water and clean again. Use a damp towel to clean any wax that’s gotten on the outside of the container

Next go to your favorite local nursery or hardware store and find some new little plant friends! Picking out plants can be super stress relieving, and it’s hands down the best part of any hardware store experience, if that’s where your journey takes you. (See Instagram for Sam and Andrew’s feelings on hardware stores) Remember to make sure you have planting soil before you checkout! 


Next you’ll need to set up a small work area, whether it’s outside, in your kitchen, or at your favorite local bar - wherever works. Scoop a small amount of soil into your empty container, loosen the soil around the roots** and then transfer it into its new home.

**If you don’t break up the soil bundle that they are used to having in their temporary store container, they might be a little too shy to branch out in their new living space. 


We think plants help brighten up any space - be sure to share your finished product with us by using #standardwax on Instagram or Facebook.

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