Spaces We Love: Gorgeous Textiles

Spaces We Love: Gorgeous Textiles

When you stop and think about it, textiles typically make up a very large part of the objects that you come into contact with on a daily basis. Car seat fabric, bedsheets, carpets, curtains, clothes, hand towels, armchairs... These objects have  almost an intimate interaction between your senses and their physical and visible textures.

The versatility of textures in medium and purpose make their use one of the single most significant factors in defining a room. You can communicate so much through a textile. Curtains can be light and airy or heavy and dark. A rug can be plush and colorful or neutral but natural. A bed can be transformed from casual to elegant with the change of a bedspread. Even more significant maybe is how they make you feel. The color, the texture, the print, the fabric- textiles are so versatile and impactful in an environment.

We picked out six spaces that use textiles in ways that we love. Read on to see how these rooms make you feel.

Bedroom textiles.
Bedrooms are spaces in which you are literally enveloped in textiles for hours every. single. night. We love the way this bed setting combines crisp white linens with contrasting cozy, fuzzy faux furs. Theres a definite hygge vibe going on and we wouldn't hesitate to light that candle and hop in and take a snooze!

Daniel Romualdez's Oasis in Ibiza
This veranda at Danial Romualdez's "Oasis in Ibiza" warmly combines solitude and entertaining. The Mallorcan textile used in the table cloth and the eclectic combination of fabric on the lounge are colorful against a backdrop of neutrals. It is a sensory experience for the eyes for sure.

Rug textiles
There is so much to love about this bold black and white rug (other than all of the amazing candles sitting upon it- find them here)! It is proof that geometric patterns don't have to be ultra modern or stuffy.  This rug pulls together a distinct pattern scheme in a texture that is chunky but soft. See a candle you love? Learn more at!

Styling by Raw Sunshine Coast
The way this bed setting makes use of color blocking and a combination of textures makes us just swoon. Woven fabrics, linens, and stitched fabrics give the eye lots to explore in the minimal bedding landscape. There's something very serene about the crisp lines of the pillows contrasting against the bedspread and we couldn't be more in love.

Accent Textiles
There are some textiles that really bring a wow factor to a space. Just like the way this throw brings a welcome texture to this corner. We adore the large hodge-podge of threads and the colors that stand out so nicely in front of our candle and reed diffuser!

We may have saved our favorite for last: this gorgeous tropical retreat from Kelli Collins with so many amazing textiles making BIG impacts. From the tasseled bed throw, to the ocean-pattered pillows, to the Justina Blakeney for Loloi Rug this room screams texture, color, and vibrancy- and the textiles are to thank!

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