Our 2016 Holiday Collection offers a well-rounded experience of everyone’s favorite wintertime activities. Spending time with close friends at a secluded cabin in the snow, baking spiced treats and crafting seasonal cocktails, and hanging mistletoe in hopes of some holiday magic (or just for decoration, too). We’ve included some traditional touches while keeping these holiday fragrances unique to our sensibilities.

Each scent is available in two sizes of candles as well as our brand new Room Spray!

Brandied Plum
Strong and sweet with a sugary blend of liquor-soaked fruits. Brandied Plum is our sweetest offering and fills a room better than a Santa impersonator handing our free presents to children at a holiday party.

Fresh Mistletoe
Light and resinous with a bright citrus finish and cedarwood essential oils. Fresh Mistletoe is our interpretation of that ever-present holiday pine scent, plus there’s a possibility you could trick someone into kissing you under a lit candle.

Winter Spice
Bright and strong with a spicy aroma of cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and ginger. Winter Spice brings back warm memories of holiday treats, spiced cocktails and happy regrets of overeating and drinking.

Chopped Firewood
Earthy and subtle with notes of spruce, cedar and clean woodland air. Chopped Firewood has hints of smoke and burnt coals and can instantly create a mood of lounging fireside while hiding from the impending apocalyptic blizzard happening outside.

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