Citrus + Black Currant is the scent that’s been with us the longest; our oldest child, if you will. Through the 4+ years Standard Wax has been around, we’ve gone through a lot of transitions. Somehow, Citrus + Black Currant has made it through them all. At one point, when we thought we had way too many product options that were overwhelming customers, we narrowed our line down to just two items (and one was Citrus + Black Currant).


Since we have horrible memories, it’s hard to say how this one originated. We wanted a citrus scent to remind us of summers in Phoenix when all of the orange, lemon and grapefruit trees are blooming and there’s never a shortage of fruit. This one was perfect. The black currant adds some heaviness to the scent, and subtle notes of greenery bring in the elements of those blooming citrus trees we love so much.


Citrus + Black Currant is a fan favorite a pretty solid choice if you’re buying a gift for someone. The fact that this scent has lasted through all of our ups and downs as a company is really saying a lot.


Sam and her fiancé Kyle live in Los Angeles.

Their home is filled with what seems like an infinite amount of candles.

Is there a such thing as too many candles?


We don’t think so.


Today we decided to ask the candle connoisseur about her favorite scents, and other fun candle junkie questions. We also challenge you to come forward if you believe you have more candles in your home than Sam does.


“I'm moderately hungover so pardon any inappropriate comments” - Sam


Did your parents have candles around your home growing up?

I don't remember but I think I was too accident prone to have open flames around. Do birthday candles count? 


Do you remember the one of the first candles you fell in love with?

This blue Voluspa candle from Anthropologie. A friend gave it to me for my birthday and I completely fell in love. I had never smelled something so fresh and delicate that looked so pretty. 


What is your current favorite Standard Wax scent?

Whiskey and Fig.


Do you and Kyle have similar tastes when it comes to scents?

I think so? He kind of just shrugs and says, "Yeah it smells good. Can I watch basketball?"


If you could create your dream candle, what would it consist of? 

I wish whiskey and fig was the byproduct when you burn a whiskey and fig candle. In other words, I want to eat this candle and it not be weird.


Could you give us a rough estimate of the number of candles you have in your home?



Have you ever dropped or broken a candle? Or have had any candle related accidents?

Once Kyle aggressively blew a candle out and the wax went EVERYWHERE. His eyebrows smelled great that day. 


Do you have scents you prefer this time of year?

Something light and not too overpowering - Rosé or Peony. 


Worst candle you have ever owned and why?

The ones that dry out and turn yellow. I shudder just thinking about it. 


Do you have a favorite non candle scent? (mine are grass, ocean air, and carrot cake)

Garlic knots.


People often ask us how we come up with the scents for our candles, and the answer isn’t always straightforward. In some cases, it happens on accident (stay tuned for our post on White Tea + Thyme) and others are very calculated and intentional. One thing every scent has in common, though, is that they are all inspired by our own experiences. Memories, trips, places, and feelings are all thrown through our little candle laboratory as we try to recreate our most personal sense – smell.


Bergamot + Basil, which turned out to be our number one seller last year, was half accident, half intentional. We knew we wanted to add a fragrance that was manly – something that was missing from our lineup at the time. Andrew and I both imagined it as something heavy and dirty and ultra-masculine, but as we experimented we somehow wound up with what we have today, which is really clean and fresh, but still had that manly touch.


Before we had settled on a real name for it, it’s internal working title usually shifted between “wet man” or “freshly showered man”. And that’s precisely what it is. Bergamot + Basil is strong and clean, with touches of that fresh-out-of-the-shower man smell (without smelling like Axe bodyspray…).