Phoenix. We love you. We love living and working in a city that's growing creatively every day. We love the dozens and dozens of incredible restaurants and bars you have to offer. We love your mountains and forests, sunsets, saguaros and swimming pools.  We love that you're our home, and love that we discovered localrevibe magazine

Localrevibe takes the best of what Phoenix has to offer and shares it with the world. And it's not the same people, places and things you've heard about over and over again. The magazine profiles people doing genuinely cool things in the desert, and we were so honored to be featured on July's cover.

You can read the article here. Learn more about us, our process, and how weird we are.  And if you're in Phoenix, be sure to pick up a copy! They're scattered all over town at over 100 restaurants, coffee shops and local boutiques.


Everything we make an inspired piece of art. We believe that the best work comes from the experiences of our own travels, adventures and general shenanigans. So why a candle that looks like a tree stump? 

Imagine the exhilaration when you roll down the car windows as you cruise away from the city for a weekend in the woods. Driving away from the stress, the traffic, the potentially hazardous air quality and the entirety of your worries you allow that first rush of fresh air to transport you to a new state of mind. We believe that candles have the ability to transport you in much the same way that we, the weekend adventurers, strive to reconnect with nature whenever we can.

Our forest series of ceramic containers is inspired by time spent trekking through the unexpected forests of northern Arizona, exploring the magical coastal redwoods of Humboldt County and traversing the rich and rugged Blueridge Mountains. Each ceramic log container is handmade, making them all unique just like the trees they symbolize. There is so much history and complexity found in the trunks of the old growth trees. They have so many fascinating stories that they are waiting to tell. We just have to take the time to stop, to listen and to learn.

Check out the available colors and scents here.


Creating scents is an incredible responsibility. They are so personal. A certain smell can instantly transport someone back to a time and place so far away you’d think it was impossible to relive it. Bottling up emotions (literally, not metaphorically) and telling stories with scent is at the core of making candles.

That’s why taking the time to be inspired is so important. Our scents are all inspired by our own travels, adventures and general shenanigans. But HOW can we think about beautiful Fall when it’s 100 degrees outside here in Phoenix? This little exercise took our mind off of the heat for sure.

Sit down, close your eyes and jump into Fall. What does it look like? What are you doing? How do you feel? What are you wearing?

Dirty leaves.
Pumpkin beer.
Porch conversations.
Wet moss.
Chilly adventures.
Wool blankets.

That’s our Fall. What’s yours?