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We give you all the pieces you need to design the candle of your dreams so you can truly bring art into your everyday. Choose from limited-edition artist designed ceramics and labels, or stick with our standard selections. Select the fragrance that’s calling your name (you can learn more about our fragrances here) then choose any special add-ons your soul desires.

Whatever wonderful combination you come up with (there are over 900 possible candles to create!) we know it will be a direct reflection of your really, really good taste.

The process is beyond simple: select the exact elements you love and get building that custom candle. We’ll tend to every detail of its creation, safely pack it up and send it on its way to you.

*the photos shown here are just a simulation - your actual product may vary slightly!

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Looking for larger quantities or a fully-custom candle project? We’ve got you.

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Customer Reviews

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Always Amazing!
Bergamot & Basil
Tomato candle!!
A little dissappointed
I'm so sorry to hear you don't love your new candles! Our Scent Kit contains all of the fragrances currently available in the candle builder, and right now we have 7 scents available. I've played with the idea of having out of season fragrances mixed in with the current ones, but that's usually lead to even more disappointment when someone falls in love with something they can't purchase right away! I appreciate your feedback, though. Our candles are known for being much more mellow than some others. If you read other reviews, you'll know we're a subtle scent kind of company, for those who like just a little something in their house, and not a wall of fragrance taking over the place. If you ever have questions about which fragrances are stronger than others, you can always email me and I'd be happy to help point you in the right direction! I read and answer every email that comes across my desk to make sure people are having the Standard Wax experience they deserve. Feel free to reach out if you'd like any guidance or to discuss this further! Sam