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We make things that smell good and look pretty.

Simple, yeah? That’s the whole idea. Scent is one of the most powerful senses you have, so why not be intentional about the fragrances you’re bringing into your life?

At the same time, we believe that cultivating a comfortable place to live, work or play is absolutely tied to your level of happiness. So, that thing that brings you joy because of the way it smells should be making your environment freaking beautiful at the same time.

Our line of candles + home fragrance sprays is designed to brighten up you life in more ways than one. 

 samantha thompson standard wax

About the founder

Samantha Thompson is a creative entrepreneur living in sunny Tempe, Arizona. With a background in public relations and marketing but a passion for calling the shots and running businesses, Sam started Standard Wax in 2012. She brings her passions for art, design and travel together to create products that are highly functional and highly beautiful.

Sam believes the things in your home should be a reflection of how you want to feel, and every product she designs is created with a feeling in mind. She's also a firm believer in buying quality over quantity and is ultra picky about what makes it into her own home.

When she's not creating beautiful things or traveling, you can find her at home with her husband and dog, enjoying Arizona's perfect weather.