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If you’ve ever shopped for home fragrance before, you know that there are nearly-limitless options. You also know that most of them are all. the. same. But you’re the kind of person that doesn’t settle for what everyone else has, and that’s why you’re here.

While candles are what we make, our true passions lie in art, design and all things awe-inspiring. We make it super simple to shop the home goods of your dreams so you can truly bring art into your everyday. Whether you need the perfect candle for your living room, a unique product for your shop, or 1000 pieces for a corporate gift, we’ve got you. 

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standard wax custom candles


In 2011, I taught myself how to make candles in the kitchen of the house I shared with three other people. I saw a need for something different. Something you couldn’t get anywhere else. I started pouring wax into anything I could get my hands on, from thrift store votives to handmade ceramics. What truly stuck came from a good friend and artist who created practical yet imaginative vessels for those maiden candles. That Christmas, everyone I knew got these gorgeous prototypes and it forever solidified my mission to bring art into your everyday.

standard wax production

standard wax custom candles production
Since then, our small team has outgrown the kitchen (and if I’m being honest, the den, dining room, and all communal spaces in the house) and moved into our very own production facility. We’ve worked with hundreds of retailers - from small boutiques to the likes of Anthropologie and Crate & Barrel - to bring art-inspired goods to their shelves. We’ve built a community, both locally in Phoenix, AZ and around the world, that has a passion for handmade, quality products that speak to their really, really good taste. 


samantha thompson standard wax

Samantha Thompson is a creative entrepreneur living in sunny Tempe, Arizona. With a background in public relations and marketing but a passion for calling the shots and running businesses, Sam started Standard Wax in 2012. She brings her passions for all things art and design to Standard Wax to create products that are highly functional and highly beautiful.

Sam believes the things in your home should be a reflection of how you want to feel, and every product she designs is created with a feeling in mind. She's also a firm believer in buying quality over quantity and is ultra-particular about what makes it into her own home.

When she's not creating beautiful things or traveling, you can find her at home with her husband, her daughter Ruby and a whole slew of pets enjoying Arizona's perfect weather.

samantha thompson standard wax


We believe that design makes the world happier, that creativity sparks joy, and that art can be found anywhere. 

We believe that a day at the museum can fix just about anything that’s bringing you down.

We want to live in a world where your home feels like art. Where creating peaceful and beautiful spaces is within reach.

We refuse to follow quick trends to put out more of the same crap you can get anywhere. 

We want to empower you to create something stunning that inspires you to see the beauty in the world.

Join us on this beautiful mission and bring art into your everyday.