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Artist Collaborations

Working with artists brings us life! Our mission is to bring art into your everyday and one way we do that is by bringing work from some of our favorite artists into our customers' homes via limited-edition candle designs. There's nothing better than supporting artists by sharing their work (and creating some gorgeous products in the process).

art by gabby klein
Art by Gabby Klein | Photo by Be Peachie

How it works:

1. Submit: Fill out the form below. We look over every submission and love discovering new artists that come our way! If we see a collaboration opportunity, we'll be in touch! We'll chat about any design tweaks and collect print-ready files from you. We're always accepting submissions, but our seasonal call-for-art can be found below.
2. Promote: We'll interview you for our blog and photograph your candle(s). We'll excitedly promote your label artwork through our email newsletter, blog and social media channels to our audience of art-minded candle lovers. The most successful collaborations are always the ones that are enthusiastically promoted by the artist, too!
3. Get Paid: You'll be paid $4 from every candle sold. Checks will be mailed around the 10th of the month for the previous month's sales. Previous collabs have sold anywhere from five candles to over a hundred candles in the first month.

2021 Call For Art: These themes are on our radar for release but we're always open to all submissions.

Feelings (happy, calm, focused, awake) due 5/19 - Our Mood Collection fragrances are designed with the science of scent in mind. They're infused with oils designed to help you feel happy, calm, focused or awake. Art that supports these feelings 
Saguaro Blossom - due 5/19 - A spring and summer favorite, this fragrance embodies the feelings of a desert spring. It's bright and hopeful.
Green Thumb - due 5/19 - Another classic seasonal fragrance, Green Thumb is for the houseplant lovers out there. It's fresh, green, and a bit floral, too.