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We give you all the pieces you need to design the room spray of your dreams so you can truly bring art into your everyday. Choose from limited-edition artist designed labels, or stick with our standard selections. Select the fragrance that’s calling your name (you can learn more about our fragrances here) then choose any special add-ons your soul desires.

Whatever wonderful combination you come up with we know it will be a direct reflection of your really, really good taste.

The process is beyond simple: select the exact elements you love and get building that custom room spray. We’ll tend to every detail of its creation, safely pack it up and send it on its way to you.

*the photos shown here are just a simulation - your actual product may vary slightly!

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Looking for larger quantities or a fully-custom project? We’ve got you.

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Customer Reviews

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Wish it was a little stronger smelling.

I bought the Bergamont & Basil spray 3 yrs ago at Christmas from a store. I looked for it after that & could not find it. Christmas rolled around again but they only had one for sale so I used it sparingly. Then my daughter tried to take it because she liked it & I said no way! I just bought 2 bottles & compared them to the other bottle I already had & the new bottles have a fainter scent than the original ones I had before & the scent does not seem to last as long. It’s close but could be a little stronger. Will try ordering a few more just to see how they turn out. I’m hoping there will be more designs to choose from in the future. It would be cool if we could put our initials on them or have astrological signs to choose from!

Hi Nicki,

Thanks for your feedback. My small business really prides itself on quality, so if you’d like to send those back, I’d be happy to replace them for you. Our products are handmade and while that has many benefits, it does leave some room for variances and mistakes! I’d love to take a look and see if we can’t get you something you’re happier with.

Thanks again,


green thumb is the best!

Time and again, Green Thumb fills my house with the freshest scent. Hands down my favorite candle ever.

Katie Walker

Thank you so much for making our apartment smell amazing every day. I love having multiple room sprays so there is always one within reach. My kids have their favorites too!