Standard Wax Reed Diffuser
Standard Wax Reed Diffuser

Grapefruit Mint Reed Diffuser

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Set includes a ceramic diffuser vessel, 8 reeds and 4oz of oil.

The American Southwest is home, and these new diffusers are reminiscent of traditional designs with our signature minimalist touch. Elegant but cool, classic with just the right amount of modern. Our brand new diffusers not only look stunning, but they’ll fill a room with your favorite Standard Wax scent, too. A well-curated home should be filled with statement pieces that look at home in any situation, and these stunners fit the bill. And just like everything else we create, the ceramic vessels can be reused again and again. You can refill with your favorite scent, or use it as a unique vase for years to come.


Grapefruit Mint: Perfect for brightening up your living areas, this summer fragrance is equally fruity and earthy. Notes of refreshing mint, tangy grapefruit, lavender and rose all combine to put you in that summer state of mind.