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4 easy ways to step up your decor game at home

Ready for a good home refresh, but don't want to exhaust your savings account (or your mental capacity)? Here are six quick, simple and affordable ways to give your home's look a little boost:

1. Hide clutter in baskets or boxes
Toilet paper exists in bathrooms, this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. But if you're like me, you'd sometimes prefer if you house appeared as though people don't actually live in it. The solution (in the bathroom or anywhere else you need necessities close at hand, but out of sight): source some cute boxes or baskets from a vintage shop, Target, or places like HomeGoods who always have a plethora and throw those unsightly things right in. Not only do they hide your necessary clutter, but they look great and break up the space on your shelves, too.

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2. Bring a room to life with greenery
Before you freak out about killing plants, hear me out. Greenery doesn't have to mean living things that are subject to your black thumb. Dried leaves can make such a difference in a space, and require zero care or attention. If you're into nurturing plants, those can make a statement, too!

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3. Use what you've got
Who says you need to buy a bunch of useless trinkets to decorate with? Take what you've got and make it shine. Show off your dishes on open shelving, throw some plants in and play with different heights. Think practical and pretty, all in one!

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4. Books are your best friends
This is one of the easiest tricks out there. A stack of books can add height, color, and texture to any display. Plus, pulling books off of the bookshelf and into your world might make you more tempted to read them!

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