1.    Scent Kit Gift Sets

From the refreshing smell of Olympic Lavender to the sweet yet subtly spicy scent of Sage and Pomegranate, we have 8 scents (that you know of) here at Standard Wax. It’s honestly impossible to choose a favorite, but our Scent Kit Gift Sets provide a new and exciting way to experience each smell. The best part? The kit comes with gift codes for Mom to order her favorite candle at no cost. This is way more fun than a gift card, right? The cute greeting card is from our good friend Renee at Heart Swell Co and is great for Mother’s Day, or any day.

2.    Surprise Adventure

If you live close to your mom, pick her up and take her on an unexpected trip! We love our random (yet frequent) adventure days; mom is sure to love her day as well! Take her to the park, get matching tattoos (throwback to Sam and Andrew two weeks ago), go on a hike! The options are endless. If you’re lucky enough to live in the Valley of the Sun like we do, The Hotel Valley Ho is putting on a mimosa pool day for moms! Bring your camera, and be ready for a memorable day.


3.    Create Your Own Floral Arrangement

Look into local flower shops (rather than going to the supermarket), and hand-pick your favorite pieces to put together the perfect arrangement for mom. We repurposed one of our ceramic containers, but you can use any cool vases or jars you have around the house. We headed over to the lovely Hoot & Holler for our flowers, and couldn’t be happier with our finished arrangement. This adds a personal touch to mom’s flowers, and she’ll love them way more than something you picked up on your late-night frozen pizza run…

4.    Incense 

Our incense is rich with history, and has a dreamy, woodsy aroma. Imported from Peru, our Palo Santo cones and handcrafted dishes make a unique, and captivating gift. To go along with the incense we suggest going to your local bookstore and browse through tarot card, palm reading, or dream interpretation books. This unconventional/mystic gift could be a really fun experience for you and mom!


5.    Photo Mini Sessions

This is the second year Talk Studios is holding Mother’s Day Mini Sessions. In these 20-minute sessions, you will create moments with mom (up to 5 people total), and have them captured as well. This is a gift that will last generations, and is sure to be a meaningful, and unforgettable outing. If you don’t live in Phoenix, ask around to your local photographers and see if they’re offering anything similar!

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