A gift guide for *those* people

A gift guide for *those* people

Maybe you have to do a secret santa with your colleagues and you pulled the new gal. 

Maybe your family does white elephant and you want to bring something people steal over and over again.

Maybe you just want to give your niece something fun that she’ll use and might even make her smile? Teens are hard, man.

Here are some of our gift recommendations for THOSE people (and situations) that may be popping up for you this holiday season.

You drew a colleague in secret santa and you don’t actually know them very well? You’ve been on some Zoom calls together but all you know is that she’s also working from home and wears sweaters? Not much to go off of - so try this: 

standard wax room spray

Everyone working from home is just trying to make being in the same space for hours and hours a little more pleasant. A room spray perks a room up and the label adds a little color to her desk (or kitchen table or coffee table - we don’t actually know where she works, tbh).

Oof, your teenage niece. She’s got feelings. Let her know you know how she feels.

claire perkins go away candle

It won’t keep her parents away, but it will channel her energy. Plus, it's limited-edition which will make her feel way, way cool.

Don’t be the person that brings a gift card. Be the person that brings a dope, beautiful candle that everyone wants to smell (and steal.)

standard wax desert chill candles

With the art-focused design, this custom candle will go with everyone’s decor, so it’s an easy win for a group setting!

In order to survive a pandemic, you need a bubble. Not just the people that live in your house (you’ve had enough of them) but an emotional bubble. The people who get your need to vent about your husband leaving the used knife on the edge of the sink instead of just washing it (truly, WHY?!). And also understands that while you love your pets if they bark through your Zoom meeting again you may just need to run away from it all. Share the one way we can all cope.

please scream inside your heart candle

Also, if you need to actually scream out loud, please do so in a mask, kthx.

Oh, man. Could they possibly be asked to do more? I probably shouldn’t tempt the universe. Our teachers have become technology gurus all while staying positive and helping our children navigate insanity. They deserve treats and goodness and something to make their digital teaching a little less hard.

standard wax scent kit

Enter: the Scent Kit! Teachers don't have control over much these days, so this gift lets them explore all of our fragrances and then choose what they want to order with the included gift card.

Because this year has been hard, and if you're placing an order already you may as well add a little something to help bring your nervous system back down to earth.

standard wax take care of yourself candle

This artist-designed label was created by Gabby Klein and is the perfect reminder to take a few minutes for yourself this holiday season.

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