Focus Candle from the Mood Collection by Standard Wax

A science lesson

Fun fact: The Mood Collection was made with a ton of science behind it. 

Have you ever noticed how a scent can transport you back to a certain time or place? Its known to trigger our memories in crazy ways, which is really fun. My idea with the Mood Collection was this: scent can make us feel things, we know this. We also know that aromatherapy is a real thing, and there's science to back up the idea that certain fragrances can affect you in certain ways.

Here's some info on each of the four fragrances in the Mood Collection, with the science to back up their names:

1. Focus
This one is my personal favorite fragrance, and I truly believe its because I NEED IT. The universe is like, pushing us together like a magnet. Thanks universe! Its because of the Focus candle that I'm able to write this blog post!

The main ingredient in Focus is eucalyptus. I know what you're thinking. You're imagining this goo your mom used to have you rub on your chest when you were sick. This is NOT THAT. This is super fresh, green, subtle, earthy eucalyptus. It smells so incredibly fresh and green.

Eucalyptus scents have been shown to clear your mind and bring clarity and focus. Its also a stimulant, meaning its going to give you that little extra boost you need to tackle your to-do list. Its what's called a vasodilator, which is a fancy science word to describe something that increases blood flow. While you aren't applying the oil directly to the body, the essence can have the same effect. More blood flow = more blood to the brain = more brain power. Boom.


2. Happy
Happy is made with Neroli oil, which comes from the blossoms of an citrus tree. Now, I'm not going to claim that this candle can cure depression, because that would be insane. However, this oil is very widely known to say "see ya" to sadness. In general, its uplifting and known to create joy.

In other Neroli news, it's also super great at driving away stinky smells. If you made something delicious for dinner, but the smells of those spices are lingering in your kitchen, this candle can certainly help save the day.


3. Calm
This might be the one you're most familiar with. Our Calm candle is composed of Lavender and Chamomile oils, which are both used very traditionally for stillness and relaxation. A few deep breaths of this candle can easily center your thoughts, and still your racing mind and/or body. It also induces sleepiness, so its a great option for your pre-bed routine. Going from 100mph straight down to 0 can be shocking to your system. Try relaxing with a Calm candle and a few deep breaths before diving into your nightly routine!


4. Awake
As you might have guessed, Awake is going to be the opposite of Calm! You're going to want to light this little guy as you're making your morning coffee (or if you hit a mid-day wall at your desk...). The main oil in Awake is Ylang Ylang, which is one of the first fragrances I fell in love with when I started making candles. The Ylang Ylang tree makes these beautiful flowers, and the oil is extracted from them to create the fragrance. 

Because of its tropical vibes, this candle is a great pick me up, without the jitters you'd get from caffeine!

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