Instead of coming into the studio last Tuesday morning, Sam and Andrew declared we were going on a field trip. Apparently “adventure day” is a regular occurrence at Standard Wax, so I was definitely curious, and eager to see how the day would play out.

 In true Standard Wax fashion, we started our adventure by listening to Cher (yikes) with our car windows rolled down, enjoying one of our last days with weather below 100 degrees. Our destination? Papago Park. There we ate bagel sandwiches, drank beers, and became enthralled with the surrounding ducks, loch-ness monster-like creatures and people in the distance filming each other dressed in Star Wars costumes.  

 After finishing up our picnic, (and admiring a parked RV) we headed to the Phoenix Zoo. We were all excited to explore, and see all the different types of animals. Throughout the day, we decided that giraffe torsos are really weird, monkeys are basically little humans, and elephants are the most fascinating creatures. The day flew by, and by the end of our afternoon, (and seeing all the children asleep in their strollers exhausted) I think we were all ready for some more food, shade and long naps. 

 As much as I love our time at the studio, it was a nice and inspiring break to change our surroundings, and be re-reminded to not take anything or ourselves too seriously. 



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