"So you're a home goods company, but your focus is always on getting outside, going on adventures and essentially being away from home. How does that work?"

This is a real question my husband asked during our time away this week in Joshua Tree National Park. I've been wanting to visit the park for literally ages and it had never worked out before. This week, almost on a whim, we decided to pack up and spend two nights camping inside the park. The combination of no cell service and inspiring natural wonders in every direction set the scene for so many great conversations, the question above starting one of them.

And the answer was easy: because we gather all of the inspiration of our travels and adventures and bring them to life in our candles and (soon soon soon!!) other goods. We bring the sense of wonder and adventure home to be enjoyed at any time, and to inspire you to get out and experience something new.

We're so incredibly lucky to live the life we do. We run a business that brings adventure and inspiration into people's lives, with time leftover to practice what we preach by taking in the wonder and beauty of the many corners of this crazy planet we live on. But in between adventures it's nice to have a little reminder of those travels close at hand... Something to remind us to never stop exploring and never stop being inspired.

If our candles can remind you to get out and explore, to appreciate the wonders of life whether big or small, then our work is all worthwhile. 


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