Artist Collaboration Spotlight: Tandem Ceramics

Artist Collaboration Spotlight: Tandem Ceramics

Working with artists to create exclusive vessels for our candles is one of my favorite things to do. Promoting art in design by pairing it with an everyday good means we’re carrying our our mission of bringing art into your everyday. 

To celebrate our next exclusive launch, I asked our friends at Tandem Ceramics a few questions so you could get to know them a little better. 

Standard wax tandem ceramics exclusive launch

Our exclusive launch with Tandem features three unique vessels, all adorned with real gold accents. The best part? You get to choose the scent we fill your candle with! Interested in snagging one? 

  1. Follow us on Instagram @standardwax
  2. Sign up for post notifications, to make sure you aren't a second late when the sale goes live! If you need help figuring out how to get notifications, check out this article.
  3. Be ready on Monday, 8.27 at 2pm PST. A post will go live at that time, and you'll be able to score your new treasure right on Instagram via a comment.
  4. Comment on the post with the following: your email, which size you'd like, and what fragrance we should fill it with (choose from anything currently available on our website. Check it out now so you're ready on the 27th!).
  5. Within a few hours, you'll get an invoice via email. You have 24 hours to pay. If for some reason you don't complete the purchase within 24 hours, I'll offer the piece up to someone who was a little too late. 


Where did the name Tandem Ceramics come from? Our name, Tandem Ceramics, stems from the concept of working together side by side, but specifically the idea of combining imagery and ceramics. We've been asked many times and the answer is still "No, we do not ride a tandem bicycle!" :) We have been working together for years both in our business and even before that at different jobs. People ask us if its easy or difficult to have a business together as a couple, and honestly we wouldn't have it any other way.
Do you have a favorite ceramicist or artist? We have lots! Its hard to pick just one (or even a few) but we'll try...Mary Barringer / Tom + Maggie Jaszczak / Simon Levin / Bandana Pottery (Michael Hunt + Naomi Danglish) / Melissa Weiss / Bryan Hopkins / Giselle Hicks / Heath Ceramics / Barry Moser
standard wax tandem ceramics exclusive launch
What does art mean to you? This question is interesting because it assumes our work is considered "Art", which is really great! We've always been interested in the places where Art and Craft overlap, and we can't say we classify ourselves solely in one field or another. For us, our craft is Art, its a skill, its muscle memory that builds out of doing the same thing over and over, making an object better and more aesthetically pleasing each time. You can certainly make the distinction between the two, but for our work we feel they are inseparable.
Why are collaborations like this one important? Our work wouldn't exist without collaboration. We can't even imagine a world in which people stayed creating one thing separate from collaboration. Its doesn't exist! Even finding something beautiful that inspires you, or a song that gets you going, a walk in an unfamiliar place...It all influences you. I don't think we can ever separate it! But to more directly answer the question, without people collaborating, the world wouldn't be nearly as multi-faceted. And that's a big deal!
Where does your inspiration come from? Lots of places!! For Justine: textiles / cooking + food / foraging / travel / instagram :) For Grant: being outside (specifically in the woods) / doodling / audio-books + podcasts / other printmakers
standard wax tandem ceramics exclusive launch


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