Artist Profile: Amber Vittoria

Artist Profile: Amber Vittoria

It's your lucky day, because today you get to learn more about Amber Vittoria, the artist behind the newest limited-edition artist label in our custom candle builder! Shop her bold and inspiring label along with 1000+ other options to create the candle of your dreams.

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Get to know Amber...

Where do you live? New York City

Why do you create?
Making art is the most accurate way for me to express my thoughts, ideas, and intents.

How do you bring art into your everyday?
I aim to draw almost every day, even if it is a 30-second sketch.

What gets you super excited about life?
Traveling and eating different foods; the ability to learn about other climates, cultures, and cities brings me so much joy.

Do you have a favorite artist? If so, who and why?
My favorite artist definitely changes periodically, but I’ve loved Barbara Kruger’s work for quite some time. It’s bold, design-heavy nature really resonates with me.

What’s your favorite place to get inspired?
Outdoors - on a hike, in a national park. Also, in a big city where I can be inspired by the people around me.

What inspired the design for your Standard Wax Label?
This piece is entitled, “Acne As Fashion,” and loved the idea of having it on a candle, something traditionally beautiful, to serve as a reminder that what is societally accepted as “beautiful” is not the be-all-end-all.

What’s something unique about your work that people won’t see anywhere else?
My aim is that people can personally relate to the figures in my work.

Favorite City? New York, but Los Angeles is a close second.

Favorite Restaurant? Atoboy (In New York) and Destroyer (in Los Angeles)

Favorite Museum? The MoMA

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