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Artist Profile: Andrew Molleur

Andrew Molleur has been a long-time friend of the brand. When we launched the Candle Builder, we knew we wanted to feature vessels from artists we admired and Andrew was at the top of the list. You can find his pieces in some of the most well-curated shops in the country.

The piece created for us is a simple shape with a gradient glaze, inspired by the colors and textures of a sunset. Like everything Andrew makes, these limited-edition vessels were created completely by hand in his Kingston, NY studio. Only 15 vessels were made for this launch, making them even more special.

standard wax custom candles andrew molleur limited edition

Andrew's work is very simple, yet interesting and complex. When we asked where he gets his inspiration, he told us a little about his favorite artist, Gearhard Richter.

"I find his work to be compelling for many reasons but one is that his inspirations are wide and complex but some of his pieces can be simple and paired down. The juxtaposition between complex and simple is an appealing relationship."

When he's not producing ceramics, you might find Andrew renovating an old carriage hose into his future residence.

standard wax custom candles andrew molleur limited edition

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