Artist Profile: Joey Fisher of Good Times Creative

Artist Profile: Joey Fisher of Good Times Creative

Well isn't this just a little treat! We're so excited to share some more about artist Joey Fisher of Good Times Creative. Be sure to check out her exclusive label, available in the candle builder right now! It's sure to give you all of the super cozy vibes you're looking for this holiday season. 

Name: Joey Fisher of Good Times Creative

Where do you live? Tempe, Arizona

Why do you create? 
I just always have, I suppose. The list of things I wanted to be when I grew follows in this order: mermaid, baker, actress, singer, dancer, photographer, National Geographic reporter, graphic designer. I never imagined a career where I didn’t create something. It’s just a part of me.

How do you bring art into your everyday?
I cook every day. When it’s dinner time, I look through my pantry and fridge to see what tasty meal I can come up with. I try to sketch every day too, but you know, life happens.

What gets you super excited about life?
Eating. But also, I love inviting my friends over and sharing a meal over a bottle of wine.

Do you have a favorite artist? If so, who and why?
I don’t really have a favorite, but someone who comes to mind is a photographer named Sally Mann. Her portraits hold so much emotion and I think that is difficult to do.

What’s your favorite place to get inspired?
The woods. My partner and I love to go camping and it really clears my head.

What inspired the design for your Standard Wax Label?
Coziness! The weather is cooling down. Every day I want to put on my sweatpants and comfy socks, curl up under a blanket with some spicy ramen, my cats and binge some TV.  

What’s something unique about your work that people won’t see anywhere else?
I like to bring humor into my work. I want people to go to my shop and chuckle at my products and think “I have a friend who would love this.”

Favorite City?
Every time I go somewhere new, it’s my favorite city. But right now, I would have to say Denver. It’s beautiful and really fun. I also had these truffle potato chips that have ruined every other potato chip for me. 

Favorite Restaurant?
Golden Wok on Tatum and Cactus. I have spent every birthday there for the last 20 years.

Favorite Museum?
The Lourve. The amount of history there is insane. Not to mention how crazy cool the building looks.

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