Artist Profile: Lauren at Loud Snaps Creative

Artist Profile: Lauren at Loud Snaps Creative

On top of being really good at designing things, Lauren is a champion for women's rights and just generally makes the world a better place. I first met Lauren through a good friend of mine at an embroidery workshop, of all places. I obviously fell in love with her right away and when I first had a vision for this new iteration of Standard Wax, she was one of the first people I contacted about creating some art for the new line. You can shop her limited edition label in the Candle Builder until sold out - we only printed 50 of these gorgeous labels!


Name:  Lauren Brajczewski (Loud Snaps Creative)

Where do you live? Brooklyn, NY

Why do you create? 
Making things is fun! Art is a really cool way to tell stories and connect with people. 

How do you bring art into your everyday?
Art is my job, so it’s literally what I fill my days with. But I am always down to learn new creative mediums. Lately, I have been into taking photos with disposable cameras. It’s so nice to take a picture or two and just move on and not obsess over how you hair looks or the weird face you made. I have also been into screen printing and making collages. 

What gets you super excited about life?
Traveling is hands down my favorite thing. Even if it’s just checking out a new neighborhood in New York. I love seeing how different people live their lives, trying new food and just experiencing a world different from my own.

Do you have a favorite artist? If so, who and why?
Pretty much any lady who says ‘fuck it, i’m going to do things the way I want to do them’ ; Beyonce, Lizzo, Ashley Longshore, Sofia Coppola, Patti Smith to name a few. 

What’s your favorite place to get inspired? 
I love going out into the world without headphones and just observing people and eavesdropping on other people's conversations (OK don’t pretend you don’t do it too..).  Humans are so interesting. Coffee shops are my absolute favorite. I swear people think they’re are invisible there.

What inspired the design for your Standard Wax label?
Last year I took a very magical girls trip to Joshua Tree. I really love the desert, something about it felt very relaxing and transformative. I knew that I wanted to try and pull that feeling and the colors of the desert into the design. And here we are.

What’s something unique about your work that people won’t see anywhere else?
I made them! There are so many designers and illustrators out there, it’s easy to feel like you’re just one in a crowd of thousands of other designers doing cool things. But there’s only one me. Sometimes my work is silly, sometimes it’s more serious, sometimes it’s just kind of random. But It’s what’s on my mind, and a lot of times other people relate to it. So if I can make people laugh or feel less alone then I think i’ve done a good job. 

Favorite City? Where my Chicago people at!!

Favorite Restaurant?
Gather (Chicago) + Frankies Spuntino 457 (Brooklyn) are both so tastyyyy (also not above a Cheesy Gordita Crunch from Taco Bell or a soft serve ice cream cone from McDonalds)

Favorite Museum? The Dia:Beacon is dopeee.

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