Bath time essentials

Bath time essentials

It may be summer, but a bath is a luxury I'm not willing to give up, regardless of the temperature outside. 

Here are my top five bath time essentials to make for a perfect night in.

1. A bath caddy to hold the essentials: your book or ipad, some fancy bath oils, a glass of wine and a candle. This one from amazon looks like a winner to me!

standard wax candles

2. The perfect candles to set the mood. While the fragrances are great, I love a candlelit bath because of the ambiance. Something about the glow of the flame just screams "relax". I'd go with whatever candle looks best in your space: these ones are pretty universally beautiful!

bath salts

3. Addictive bath salts
Why not kill two birds with one stone? Relax and detox, all in one. Adding bath salts to your soak creates an elevated experience and detox with this magical potion. The (m+a)gnet bath salt removes heavy metals and other toxins while replenishing magnesium levels. Win win! 

4. The most perfect towels in the world
If you're treating yourself to a bath, you're going to need a wonderful towel to wrap yourself in when you're done. There's almost nothing in the whole entire world worse than a bad towel. Nothing. Make sure you're prepared with these towels from Target. The reviews are astonishingly good, you won't be let down.


5. A relaxing cup of tea
There are few things more soothing than a good cup of tea, and Teaspressa does not disappoint. Brew up a cup, add your favorite sugar cube, and bask in the glory of your perfect bath.

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