Bringing art into your holidays: Thanksgiving Edition

Bringing art into your holidays: Thanksgiving Edition

We are well into the holiday season, people! While that can mean chaos and stress, this year we're on a mission to slow down and enjoy the beauty that flows freely this time of year. To help, we've put together a list of some easy ways to bring art into your Thanksgiving.

1. Have some fun activities on hand for family and friends while they wait for the big feast.
Does it stress you out to have twelve of your closest friends and family hovering in the kitchen while you try to finish cooking four different dishes? Try distracting them with one of these beautiful puzzles.

standard wax - bringing art into your holidays

Buy it: Frank Lloyd Wright puzzle

standard wax andy warhol puzzle

Buy it: Andy Warhol Puzzle

gray malin puzzle

Buy it: Gray Malin Puzzle

love lives here puzzle - modern art puzzles

Buy  it: Love Lives Here Puzzle

2. Make setting the table something you look forward to all year.
This is your time to shine! Make all of your Pinterest dreams come true and create a table that is truly a work of art. This can be so fun and relaxing, plus you'll enjoy dinner that much more when you sit back and admire your creativity. Here are a few of our favorite accounts on Pinterest with great table design inspiration:

tremaine ranch on pinterest

View on Pinterest: Tremaine Ranch


ave styles on pinterest

View on Pinterest: AVE Styles

casa de perrin on pinterest 

View on Pinterest: Casa de Perrin

3. Set the mood.
A good playlist can go a long way. Decide on the vibe you're trying to achieve and pre-listen to a few playlists a few days in advance. Strategically place a few fall-scented candles - we've got you covered with these ready to ship options - and your home is basically ready for anything.

standard wax custom candles

standard wax custom candles

4. Food is art, too!
Have you ever looked at a dish and deemed it too beautiful to eat? Same, with most of these. Snag a fun cookbook that doubles as coffee table literature, too!

allison roman nothing fancy
Buy it: Nothing Fancy by Alison Roman

love and lemons cookbook
Buy it: Love and Lemons by Jeanine Donofrio



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