Black and White Home Decor Ideas from Standard Wax - Candles, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Plants, Blankets

Cheers to new beginnings...



This October, we’ll be revealing an entirely new Standard Wax experience, crafted by your ongoing support of and friendship with our brand over the years. We listen to every email, we love each Instagram follow and we catalog every bit of feedback!

But –– before we say hello to the new future, we have to say goodbye to a longtime friend - our original line of ceramic candles - with a farewell sale and celebration. Shop our Founder’s Sale event now to get our final run of ceramic candles before they’re gone for good! 

Large Candles: regularly $35, now $10/ea 
Small Candles: regularly $18, now $6/ea 

And as with any friend, we don’t actually say goodbye, we say good journey. So thanks for continuing to support Standard Wax, and we’re excited to share our new journey in October!


Questions? Drop me a line:

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Sam, are you able to send a 75 dollar box of mixed sizes and colors etc? Any of the old andrew King line still available that I bought in the past? Thanks!

Karen Dickson

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