Corporate gifts that don't suck: Creating a thoughtful token of your appreciation

Corporate gifts that don't suck: Creating a thoughtful token of your appreciation

Today I'm here with a little PSA about corporate gifts. It'll be quick and painless, don't worry! 

Just make them thoughtful. 

That's it! That's all you have to do! There's nothing worse than getting a gift in the mail and thinking to yourself "what the heck am I ever going to do with this?" 

A calendar with your dentist's logo smothered all over it isn't going to look all that great hanging in your minimal kitchen. And while (in my opinion) a custom candle is a million times more thoughtful than a tacky calendar, there are ways this arrangement can take a turn for the worse, too. Don't stress though, because we're here to help. We'll never steer you wrong and have so many ideas for fun, thoughtful client gifts at any time of year.

So I'm here to feature a couple of my favorite custom candles from 2019. These clients *nailed it* with the design and I know the lucky ones on the receiving end of this deal can truly appreciate it!

Client: Visit Phoenix
Our hometown friends went with a custom silver tin to create a carry-on friendly gift for visitors to our great state. I love how the label speaks to the desert and Visit Phoenix without cramming a logo in your face. This is something I'd be proud to display in my home (and the dreamy Saguaro Blossom scent makes it even better).

visit phoenix custom candles

Client: Kashia Dunner
These sweet gifts really hit home for me! I loved applying the labels on these and reading the message. I hope I can leave a piece of myself in my work, and these custom candle projects give me such an opportunity to do so. I know her clients are just as inspired by this message!

kashia dunner custom candles

 kashia dunner custom candles 

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