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Why aligning values matters in collaborations

Every month we spotlight an incredible custom candle or private label candle project. These pieces are sometimes my favorite to produce because of the collaboration involved when developing a product for another brand. Working together to get the perfect look and fragrance for another company is a challenge I love taking on again and again.
This month I'm here to share our private label candle with Wildfang. It was a complete honor to work with Wildfang. They're a company I've admired and shopped from for years! When it comes to walking the walk and truly running a business that brings good into the world, Wildfang is doing it right. In 2018 alone, they raised over $400k for charities that support reproductive, immigrant, and women’s/human rights.
In my seven years in business, I've worked allllll kinds of companies on their custom and private label candles. As I've grown, I've learned a ton of lessons about the kinds of people I want to do business with (many of those lessons were learned the hard way). The bottom line: no amount of money is worth working with shitty people. Some great advice I was once given that I'll now pass along to you lovely people is to do a  little research before you hop into bed with a new customer. Make sure your gut likes them as much as your wallet will!
Wildfang's new candle is called RADICAL and, well, that's what it is. It looks rad, smells rad and you can get one of your very own here.

standard wax + wildfang private label candles

standard wax + wildfang private label candles

standard wax + wildfang private label candles

I'm so stoked about how this turned out and hope you love it too!

Looking to get started on a custom or private label candle project? I'd love to chat through the details with you and see if we can make some magic together!



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