Desert Chill: The inspiration

Desert Chill: The inspiration

This collection celebrates the comforts of a place that can feel hard and ruthless. It honors the balancing act of life and the coziness it can bring despite its first impressions.

The desert is my safe place. It’s harsh and unforgiving and can seem barren, but it’s kept me warm, helped me grow and has given me some of the happiest moments of my life.

Growing up among the wide open spaces and endless sea of neutrals, I was constantly grasping for something different. I wanted the busy sidewalks of New York City or the green hills and traffic of Los Angeles. I wanted the harsh cold of Chicago or the beaches of Hawaii.

It wasn’t until I was a grown-ass woman that I realized the desert right in front of me - all around me - was a work of art. What initially appears barren is astonishingly bountiful. The desert is strong. It’s brimming with life that perseveres through ruthless conditions.

This year has challenged us. It’s strained our resources and forced us to reevaluate how we live our lives. It’s opened up wounds that need healing. This year has been brutal.

Instead of trying to flee this year and run to something different, like my teenage dreams of leaving the desert, I’ve chosen to remain planted in place through the storm. I’ve stopped to soak up the harshness and listen to what it’s trying to teach me. In the same way desert plants grow stronger through each drought, 2020 has kept me warm, helped me grow and has given me some of the happiest moments of my life.

With this collection, I hope you can revel in the comforts of home, whatever that looks like for you. Life, like the desert, is art. Everyday is hard and bountiful and beautiful, a balancing act and a work of art, all with a pretty great view.

Shop the collection all winter, or while supplies last. 

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