A Candle For Every Room

A Candle For Every Room

Have you ever walked into a space and felt it change based solely on the way it smelled? Maybe your kitchen is full of the smells of someone fixing up your favorite home-cooked meal. Perhaps your loved one is wearing a new fragrance. Or the flowers in your backyard are blooming again and transforming it into a sweet oasis. Can you imagine these spaces without these scents? It just wouldn't be the same.

Our sense of smell is a powerful one. It changes the way we experience our environment whether we are staying at a hotel, shopping in a store, or working in our office. Our sense of smell is strongly linked to our memory, drawing out emotions and affecting our mood. Some could say that of the five senses it is the most dominant as literally every breath we take is saturated with input from our sense of smell. Our Mood Collection is an in depth exploration of the importance of scent focusing on the fragrance over containers.

A candle can do more than just look beautiful, its scent can change our experience in a space. Below, we've paired five of our fragrances with spaces in your home so that you can utilize the power of smell to help make the most of every room. The best part, our Custom Candle Builder allows you to take any of these fragrances and build a candle that will not only smell perfect for each room, but look perfect too!

KITCHEN: Citrus + Black Currant Fragrance
Citrus + Black Currant
Fresh citrus, black currant, and a hint of greenery come together to make this universally pleasing fragrance. As the epicenter of gatherings in the home, this fragrance will bring a clean but warm element to your kitchen space. It can compliment a variety of delicious food smells when you're cooking and heighten an empty space when you're not. Add this fragrance to your vessel of choice with our Custom Candle Builder.

BATHROOM: Bergamot + Basil
Bergamot + Basil: the fragrance made for your bathroom.
The slightly masculine Bergamot + Basil smells like someone who just stepped out of the shower. What better fragrance to grace the space made for cleanliness? Crisp bergamot blended with earthy oak moss and fresh basil make for the scent that will keep your bathroom smelling bright and fresh long after the shower is over. Our Custom Candle Builder can help you make your own custom candle that includes this awesome fragrance.

BEDROOM: White Tea + Thyme
White Tea + Thyme
As the kingdom of sleep, a bedroom needs a fragrance that inspires relaxation and zero stress. Our White Tea + Thyme scent can fill you bedroom with notes of lemongrass, fern, white tea, and freshly picked garden herbs. This tranquil combination is exactly the ticket for some restful Zzz's. Check it out here!


What more could you want from your living room than a warm, cozy space where you can snuggle in to read a book or watch your favorite show? When this is what you are looking for in your space, there is no more perfect fragrance than Fireside. With sandalwood and cedar wood to brighten up earthy charred notes this one smells as cozy as it gets. You can create a custom candle filled with this fragrance in our Custom Candle Builder.


PATIO: Green Thumb
Green Thumb
When thinking of places to enhance with the perfect candle, our patios frequently get forgotten. Yet, these are spaces where we spend time with our families, wind down with a meal, or catch up with our neighbors. Even though they are outdoor spaces, we can bring a meaningful scent like Green Thumb to make a bigger impact. The Green Thumb Fragrance smells of fresh greenery, ferns, soils, and grasses.You can find it and array of custom candle vessels in our Custom Candle Builder.

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