Everything you need to be Cozy this holiday season

Everything you need to be Cozy this holiday season

I don't know about you, but for me this time of year is all about being #cozy. Its why I was so excited to introduce our Cozy candle last month! to celebrate one of the best feelings in the world, I've rounded up some of my cozy essentials.

The perfect blanket: Hudson's Bay Iconic Point Blanket
hudsons bay point blanket

This blanket is the epitome of cozy. Hudson's Bay has been producing some version of this blanket since the 1700's - talk about history! They've had plenty of time to perfect their craft, and this blanket is certainly perfect in my eyes.


A great cup of tea: Teaspressa Cape Town
teaspressa cape town tea

If you know me personally, you know caffeine is my worst enemy. I avoid it at all costs, because it turns me into an anxious mess for the entire day. That said, I'm always on the lookout for a great tea without the caffeine, and our friends at Teaspressa deliver every time with the Cape Town blend! It's perfect with a little milk for a night curled up watching a wintertime favorite.


The greatest holiday movie: Love Actually
love actually

I realize I'm speaking purely from opinion here, but I do think this is the greatest holiday movie of all time. Nothing at all makes me feel like more the holidays are here than curling up on the couch and watching this movie at some point over the Thanksgiving break. You've got music and love and politics and children and family and mental illness and comedy and tears and tons more. A true classic, if you ask me.

Something to create ambiance: The Cozy candle
standard wax cozy candle

I've never been afraid to choose favorites when it comes to the products we release, and this holiday season Cozy is the winner of that award. Its unisex, woodsy, has a touch of orange and sandalwood and a hint of smoke. Its the scent you'll find burning in my house while I sit on the couch with my perfect blanket, tea, and movie.

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