How a nightly routine can make your morning

How a nightly routine can make your morning

Ever lay in bed dreading that moment when you have to pry your body from the perfect blanket cocoon you've created for yourself over the past (hopefully) seven to eight hours? Do you sit there just wishing there was some way to magically trick yourself into leaping out of bed with purpose and intention each and every day?

Well, your wish is my command.

Creating healthy habits seems to be the way to fix almost every issue in life, and this one is no different. Here's one way I make my mornings a little better by spending just a few minutes each night prepping for the next day:

Tonight before you hop into bed, make some tea, light a candle (I recommend this one) and grab a notebook and pen. 

Inside the notebook, draw a line vertically down the page, breaking it into two columns. On the left side, make a quick list of everything you need to do tomorrow. Try not to list out everything you'd get done in a perfect world. Be realistic and only list the things you know you can realistically accomplished (if the list is getting super long but you don't want to forget some of the excess items, add them onto the next page as a reminder!).

On the right column, start to assign every task a time: Yoga: 6:30-7:30, Meal Prep 8-9, Social Media Scheduling: 9-12, Lunch 12-1230, etc etc.

Once your list is complete and your tomorrow is all scheduled out, read over the list and think about which things you're most excited about and which you're kind of dreading. This is where the tea and candle come in! Use the next five minutes or so and just visualize your day. Remind yourself that you're totally capable of accomplishing the tough things, and allow yourself to get excited about the fun stuff.

After a few minutes, close the notebook, finish the tea and blow out the candle. Off to dreamland you go! 

With any luck, after a few weeks of this new habit you should wake up in the morning energized and prepared for your day - instead of hiding from the real word in bed. 


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