How to be low waste, but make it beautiful

How to be low waste, but make it beautiful

Reducing the amount of single-use plastic in my life has slowly become something that lives at the top of my mind on most days. What started as a cute little way to be more mindful has turned into a full-blown war in our home and my life in general.

Yes, it's inconvenient. What's worse though, is how freaking ugly it can be sometimes. Here for your scrolling pleasure is my list of favorite items to reduce single-use plastics without sacrificing form (mostly stolen from my Pinterest Board: Modern Meets Low Waste)

PS: Literally nothing we do here is sponsored, so know that I'm sharing these because I truly care!

In the kitchen: Plastic-free dish brush, dish soap block, and the best reusable plastic bags I've tried!

plastic-free dish brush

Wooden Dish Brush. I love this dish brush because you're able to swap out the head easily, plus it's so affordable and looks so good, too! I got mine on, a site I highly recommend checking out if you're into reducing the amount of trash you make!

dish soap blocks

Eco-Friendly Dish Block. This is such a fun way to cut down on those plastic dish soap bottles! Plus, it's a great conversation starter because it looks like you keep a salt block intended for a cow on your kitchen counter.

reusable plastic bags

Reusable ziplock bags. I know Stasher bags get all of the attention in this arena, but have you noticed how hard they are to keep clean? That silicone is a true nuisance. I'm here to help you out with this weird Amazon find. They're so much thinner and less "sticky" than silicone and I'm truly obsessed. 

Out and about: The only grocery bags you'll ever need, a super-cute coffee cup and a genius set of reusable flatware.

baggu bags

Baggu reusable grocery bags. Baggu is the best. That is all.

byta cup

Byta coffee/water cup. I first discovered Byta by following @jedidiahjenkins on Instagram. Not only did his account make me wonder how much easier selling products would be if I had a massive cult following like he does, it also inspired me to make it a mission to ban disposable cups from my life.

reusable cutlery

Reusable Cutlery. Have you ever looked around and just thought to yourself "oh my god, the world is just screwed". This happened to me at a coffee shop recently when I just saw trash all over. Plates, cups, plastic forks. That moment inspired me to take my low-waste lifestyle a step further with some cutie little utensils that are easy to tote around in my bag. 

And a few more of my favorite things...
I love reusing old candle jars for things around the house. This one was perfect for dishwasher soap from the bulk refill section! It's much prettier than a regular old mason jar (loving that little label too). Also pictured: Blueland hand soap (THE BEST for plastic-free cleaning!), the best reusable bags ever and my favorite little dish brush.

standard wax low waste




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