How to: Reuse your empty candle containers

How to: Reuse your empty candle containers

We’re all about bringing art into your everyday, which means your beautiful Standard Wax candle is more than just a candle. Enjoy it, burn it down, get all of that lovely scent out. But don’t you fret when it’s gone. Just follow these simple steps to transform your candle into a functional piece of art you’ll love in your home.


When your candle is down to it's last half inch of wax, use a spoon to remove the wax and wick from the container.

Wipe out any excess wax using a small rag. Soy wax wipes clean, and it’s actually easier to remove without soap and water. (If you plan to use the container for food or drink, be sure to use soap and water to sanitize the container after all of the wax is out.)


What will you do with your new beautiful piece of art? Get creative! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Add some greenery: Use the jar for little succulents, cacti, an herb garden, or other plants.

  • Brighten the bathroom: Light a candle in the bathroom, while using an empty container to hold toothbrushes, makeup brushes, hair ties and pins, cotton balls, etc.

  • Stay organized: One of our favorite uses for the Standard Wax containers is to hold our most-used pens and pencils on your desk! They also make great vessels for paper clips and other desk odds and ends. 

  • Decorate for dinner (or brunch, or cocktail hour, or breakfast…): Use the empty containers to hold salt and pepper with a cute little spoon, fresh berries for mimosas, or straws and stirrers for your cocktail party. Adding in a few lit candles ties the look together perfectly.

  • Freshen up with florals: Throw some fresh jar in an empty pot for a small and simple arrangement. Brighten up your kitchen or dining table with one, or take one over to a friend, just because. 

    how to reuse your empty candle containers

    how to reuse your empty candle containers
    how to reuse your empty candle containers

    how to reuse your empty candle containers

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