How to support artists this holiday season

How to support artists this holiday season

Being an artist is hard, ya'll. There's a lot of talk about supporting small businesses, which we love! We're going to take things a bit further this year by sharing our favorite artists and how you can support them as you make your list and check it twice. We chatted with some rad people who are creating beautiful things and, as Joey Fisher from Good Times Creative says "I like to think that supporting an artist is like you're supporting someone's dream." She's not wrong. Here's what some others had to say about supporting artists during the holidays:

joey fisher good times creative
by Good Times Creative

The Fortoul Brothers:
the fortoul brothers
"I think it is important to support artists by going to their exhibitions/projects and also sharing their work on social media when possible. Also supporting organizations that support young artists on their path to a schooling and/or a career."

Great gift idea: their collaboration blanket with Tuft and Needle. The stunning design, entitled “Sweet Dreams,” evokes the sense of mystery we all have around our dreams and the feeling of regeneration we experience from sleep. Double-sided with inverted colors, this blanket will be a limited-run with only 500 made—each one numbered to show it is a limited edition.

tuft and needle fortoul brothers collab blanket

tuft and needle fortoul brothers collab blanket

Lauren of Loud Snaps Creative:
loud snaps creative illustration

"Option 1: At some point in your life, a friend will come to you asking if you have any gift ideas for a friend/family member of theirs. RECOMMEND A GIFT FROM SOMEONE YOU KNOW WHO OWNS A SMALL BUSINESS. It costs literally nothing to you to recommend something and your friend (if they're cool) will appreciate the unique suggestion. Double bonus if they actually buy something but the positive word of mouth is greatly appreciated.

Option 2: Give me compliments! Making things and putting yourself out there is scary and hard. Knowing that people are liking what I'm doing is (whether in a conversation, in a comment, via text, in an email, etc) helps keep me motivated and helps shape my work."

Great gift idea: Put Me in the Louvre baseball hat. You are a work of art and everyone should know it!

put me in the louvre hat by loud snaps creative

Maggie Pate of Nade Studio:
nade studio maggie pate

"Being new in town, I’ve noticed how much I appreciate people I know just showing up at markets. Simply saying hi at a market makes me feel remembered in a sea of strangers. That wasn’t something I had to worry about in Tennessee. Markets can be pretty discouraging if shoppers aren’t shopping so a familiar face can brighten the entire experience."

Great gift idea: a handwoven, naturally dyed entry rug in totally fun colors.

nade studio entry rug

nade studio textiles

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