How we're holding up

How we're holding up

I'm writing today to give you a quick update on how things are going here in candle-land during these crazy times, what you can expect from us, and how we are helping!

Over the past week, I've had some time to reflect on how lucky I am to run a very, very small business. Without a large staff, I can be super nimble and since last Thursday, I've been able to come into the warehouse solo to make and fulfill your orders. I believe that self-isolation is necessary for the greater good and am happy to be making this sacrifice! Without anyone else coming in or out, I feel confident that I'm not putting myself or anyone else at risk. In addition, my family is practicing a strict self-isolation, meaning that other than a trip to the grocery store, we haven't been near another human being since Thursday.

Because of this, you might experience longer-than-normal turnaround times. Just know that as I'm pouring, packing and shipping your order, it's getting filled up with all kinds of love and gratitude, too. I'm beyond grateful for the support you've all shown and I love reading your messages about how our candles are helping you feel just a little better right now. Even better are the gift notes you're including in your orders. Seeing the care packages sent to friends and loved ones truly makes me love my job even more.

Now more than ever, candles and fragrance can bring some joy into a scary time. The countless photos in my DM's and stories about how our candles are helping everyone relax bring tears to my eyes. If you know someone who's having a particularly hard time, I'd love to send them a calming candle on the house. You can head over to Instagram to nominate someone!

Stay smart, stay safe, stay calm.

xo, sam @ standard wax

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