Inspiration: Reed Diffusers

Inspiration: Reed Diffusers

When we set out to create candles that would bring art into your everyday, the most important thing was creating something you'd never seen before - something beautifully different than everything else available in the marketplace. Our reed diffusers were designed with the same idea in mind: beautifully different. 

The first consideration when designing our first new product EVER was making sure it was consistent with the mission of Standard Wax. It had to be something that looked as good as it smelled. Something you'd be proud to display in your home, and something you'd want to hang on to for years to come. It needed to serve a purpose after the good smells were gone. 

The design process was long. We had samples made of a few different options, and almost settled on a couple before realizing it just wasn't right. It wasn't unique.

My favorite thing about this product is that you've never seen it before. There are so many diffusers available in glass bottles, with a cute label slapped on the front. This one is different. 

Its reminiscent of traditional designs with our signature minimalist touch. Elegant but cool, classic with just the right amount of modern. Our brand new diffusers not only look stunning, but they’ll fill a room with your favorite Standard Wax scent, too.

A well-curated home should be filled with statement pieces that look at home in any situation, and these stunners fit the bill. And just like everything else we create, the ceramic vessels can be reused again and again. You can refill with your favorite scent, or use it as a unique vase for years to come.

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