Our newest scent is an ode to Spring: fresh, clean and green.

The bright but earthy green glaze on this Colorblock container was inspired by the feeling we get every February. Living in Arizona, we might not experience a full-blown winter, but we still get the same craving for warmth and a need to be outside exploring in the sunshine. 

While green is an obvious color choice for Spring, we were inspired by the desert more than the leaves growing back on trees and grass coming up in residential lawns. Around mid-February, the desert truly comes to life. Where most people assume the desert is brown and brittle, dead and hot, Spring brings so much color and life to the landscape. The floor of the desert becomes draped in a blanket of green shrubs, and the colors start to blend in with the Saguaros.  


White Tea + Thyme is crisp and clean, but complex. We wanted to add some greenery to our scent lineup, and loved the idea of the freshness of white tea. White Tea + Thyme is infused with the essential oils of mandarin and ylang ylang, and topped off with strong notes of thyme. This scent is perfect for the kitchen, but also works nicely on the patio while sipping a cocktail. 

White Tea has been known to improve mood and make you more alert, and we agree. This scent is perfect for Spring, since it embodies all things refreshed and renewed. Who knows, it might even encourage some Spring cleaning.

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