Limited-Edition FAQ

Limited-Edition FAQ

Each month, a special limited-edition launch gives you the opportunity to snag some super unique products! Want to know more about the why/how/when/where? Read on!

Why limited-edition? Why not make these awesome products available all the time/in larger quantities?
This is a great question that I get a lot. The short answer is that I love coming up with new products and can't wait to share them with the world. The more complicated answer is that product development and launches are time-consuming and financially very hard to do. Limited-Edition launches make it fun and easy to try new designs, new fragrances, new labels, etc. It's a great way to experiment with new techniques and see what sticks.

Plus, you get a little piece of limited-edition art, too!

So how do I score a limited-edition product?
I'm so glad you asked! The first step is making sure you're on the email list. If you aren't already - or you aren't sure - you can sign up here. You'll even get a special BOGO offer for signing up!

Once you're on the email list, you'll get access to each launch a full day before the general public. Often, a launch will sell out from the email list alone! So act quickly if there's something you love. 

Any remaining stock will be posted on Instagram 24 hours after the initial email launch!

How often do limited-edition products launch?
We do a launch every single month! You can see sneak peeks and BTS features over on Instagram to see what we're cooking up each month.

What kinds of things can I expect?
Candles in handmade ceramics, new fragrances, artist-designed labels, and other studio experiments!

If you have any other questions I'm always here to help! Simply send an email to - I read and answer every email and would love to make sure you get the candle of your dreams. 

Take care!

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