Limited Edition Feature: Claire Perkins

Limited Edition Feature: Claire Perkins

We're welcoming the best season of them all with a wildly imaginative collection by artist Claire Perkins. Claire is a collage artist who finds inspiration everywhere, cutting and combining her favorite elements to make truly unique patterns and designs you won't find anywhere else. This collection was inspired by everything from a witchy Marie Antionette, to oddities found at The Field Museum and more.

I'm completely obsessed with Claire's view of the world. She seems to find whimsy in the mundane and loves the unexpected. 

Let's take a peek at this exclusive collection...

1. Go Away - $34 - Sage + Pomegranate
I love this because it's how we're all feeling right now. Claire takes something harsh and makes it soft and beautiful here, with a hint of creepy (I mean, that font is everything).

Go Away Candle - Claire Perkins


2. Let Them Eat Candy - $34 - Pumpkin Peppercorn
But really, let them. This creepy Marie Antionette and he precious little butterfly are bringing me the the perfect spooky fall vibe.
Claire Perkins Limited Edition Candle


3. Monogram - $34 - Forest Floor
Why is that something with your initials on it just feels so extravagant, in all the right ways? I call this Spooky Luxe, and I can't wait to see it with your monogram (each one will be uniquely designed by Claire, whoa!).
Claire Perkins Monogram Candle


4. Specimens - $34 - Whiskey + Fig
All of those creepy little treasures you can find hidden in the dark rooms of your favorite museum, collaged together with so much attention to the spooky details.
claire perkins specimens candle


Don't worry, I won't force you to choose just one. You can also secure the entire collection for yourself (at a special price, too).
claire perkins limited edition candles


claire perkins limited edition candle

claire perkins limited edition candle

claire perkins limited edition candle

claire perkins limited edition candle



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