New Business Owner Learns + a Sneak Peak of the New Collection

New Business Owner Learns + a Sneak Peak of the New Collection

Hi everyone! 

It has been too long since I gave a proper update about Standard Wax about all the inner workings that have been happening behind the scenes. Where to start... well, I have a learned a ton. I really thought by October I would be able to stop talking about all I have learned as a new business owner and at least start talking about perfecting and going forward. But here I am, 10 months later and still trying to figure it all out. I know everyone says give yourself a full year and I definitely am trying to give myself grace and patience but it's hard. It is hard when you set goals for yourself and 3/4 months later you haven't been able to hit them. 

The first few months, I tried a lot and really dove into the behind the scenes: understanding our offer, pricing, timing and the process of it all. I made changes and tried things that didn't work but each time I was able to learn a little more. My first focus has been expanding our custom label offerings for Standard Wax Studio, (vessels, scents, add-ons, and more) while also lowering and streamlining prices. Our new catalog has received a ton of great feedback but I cannot wait for it to hit the website for everyone to see. We are still working on the end goal of being able to bulk order custom candles 100% online. Choosing your vessel, choosing your scent, uploading your label, all of it online but boy this is complicated and is taking time! I know we will get there but for now I am celebrating our offer expansion and upgrade to our new catalog. Let us know if you want us to send you one!

For our Standard Wax line, I knew I didn't want to reinvent the wheel every season. I have what some might say boring, but I like to call it classic style when it comes to aesthetic. I wanted to create a line of candles that could compliment any style while still being eye-catching and memorable. I thought about all the amazing other candle companies out in the world and I didn't want to do the same thing other companies were doing already much better than I ever could. I realized I was passionate about people making the candles their own and giving a little hint of customization as we had with Standard Studio. THE STNDARD was born, where you choose your vessel color and your scent. An idea that is also not streamline for just getting up on a website. After months and months of sourcing and designing the collection is finally finished but... 

A big learn is don't try and do too much at the same time. 

The collection is complete but the website is not and I couldn't want you all to see it more. I am really hoping to get it completed soon but have to be patient and realize all of this happens for a reason. It won't matter if it goes up now or in a month because it is something I want to keep for a long time and only expand upon. I could write a book at this point about things I learned in the first year of taking this all on, but for now I will just try to get a website done. If you have taken the time to read through this, thank you! I want to give a sneak peak for what is coming with THE STNDARD, maybe next week or maybe next year (haha!). 


Talk soon!


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