New: Custom Branded Room Sprays

New: Custom Branded Room Sprays

Corporate gifters! Retailers! Bloggers! Everyone! I have something to tell you.

You can now get our Room Sprays with your own art or branding. Whatttt! (get started here)

That’s right. Room Sprays are a flame-free way to add beautiful fragrance to any space, and now you can make them your own.

Reward your team for their hard work. Make your event swag extra special. Sell something no one else has, because you’ve made it perfectly *you*.

Each custom room spray is housed in a 4oz glass bottle with your choice of a white or black lid. More vessel options will be available soon. But in the meantime (just like with our custom candles) we can also fill your provided vessel with your favorite fragrance. Every Room Spray is topped off with your custom label, making it ready to gift or sell right away.

We can’t wait to see the uniquely special corporate gifts you create, the custom fragrance products you’re able to sell, or the custom event giveaways your guests and clients will swoon over.

Learn more and start your project by emailing We can't wait to hear from you!

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