New White Label Strategy: Vessels and Pricing Revamp

New White Label Strategy: Vessels and Pricing Revamp

As I am slowly starting to understand the in and outs of this business, I am also starting to grasp how we can tweak and improve our offerings. With most of our business coming from corporate branding and gifting, I began to ask myself why we weren't getting more white label clients. 
After starting to see the trend of sending out lots of catalogs but not hearing back I realized that our offering was too sterile, while also being too expensive... a bad combination. Brands that want to create a white label are often looking for vessel that have a unique personality and that are memorable, while most importantly, being affordable.  It's a challenging sourcing task, as many candle makers like myself all use the same suppliers. It is taking time but so far we have found 2 new vessel options that I think fit the bill: the paint can and concrete.



Although we haven't quite finished our new catalog we should be wrapped up in the next 2 weeks. I am really trying to keep in mind pricing to keep it strategic for those that plan to resell! If you have any interest in being one of the first to see our new white label catalog email me and I would love to send it your way! For now, we all our corporate gifting vessels are 100% updated and have lots of new! Check it out here: 

Also, if you are a business and looking for a vessel we don't have in our catalog let us know. We would love to hear how we can expand our offerings and improve our catalogs. 


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