New Year, Same Me

New Year, Same Me

This poster has hung proudly in the warehouse for years now. Most days it sits ignored, but occasionally I stop to think about what it really means, and why I was so compelled to pick it up from Schoolhouse all those years ago. 

The new year brings so much chatter of goals, resolutions, and intentions. There's a huge amount of pressure for goals revolving around "more", especially in business. More money. More followers. More press. More product launches. More engagement. When I stopped and stared at this poster today, my mind started racing with all of the reasons why "new year new me" could be dangerous. 

Here's the thing: I've spent a lot of time working on what my values are. I know what's important and what lines I'm not willing to cross. Why reinvent the wheel every 365 days?

This year instead of striving for more, I simply want to strive for better.

I'm excited to continue building a community that's just as passionate about art, wellness, and sustainability as I am. I want everything I touch to be three things:

Passionate (to share my heart and things I care about)
Inspirational (to bring joy, not FOMO or feelings of less-than)
Beneficial (to my community, to the world, to well-being)

I'm not setting any goals that contain numbers. I'm not looking for more of anything. I want to be better at creating art for my community, better at striving for authenticity over perfection and better at letting myself dream of a better world... because as the lovely Gloria Steinem once said, dreaming is in fact a form of planning.



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