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Mother's Day is May 10th, and instead of telling you all of the things you should buy mom this year, we're putting together a list of things to do for your mama to make her feel oh-so-loved.

1. Create a spa day at home

Phoenix Magazine's April issue lists all of the ways to create a spa experience in your own home. Adding on to their infinite wisdom, why not call a local massage therapist or manicurist (or both), light some candles, order in dinner and sip wine.

2. Have brunch in the park

Invite mom to brunch, but skip the typical resort buffet and pack up your picnic basket. Stop by the olive bar at your local fancy grocery store, grab a loaf of french bread, pick a few great meats and cheeses and you've got yourself a picnic that would make Martha Stewart jealous, for sure. 

3. Go to an art class

Painting, glass blowing, stained glass, and (not to toot our own horn) candle making classes are all unique ways to spend time with your mom. A quick google search will help you find something in your area, and if you're in Phoenix - our candle making class on May 6th is a perfect option.

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