We moved into our studio in January, and it was the first production space we had ever had that wasn't either a guest room or patio -- constantly interfering with our lives at home. We knew that moving our operations out of our houses would have benefits, but never could have imagined how the new space would help us be more productive.

Settling into what we lovingly refer to as "the cage" was equally entertaining and challenging. We took a blank canvas and transformed it into a place that we're excited to go to every day. Chain link fence walls were covered in wood for privacy (as well as aesthetics) and we utilized a wide array of found and made objects to furnish our space. We literally put plants everywhere to help soften the coldness of the space, as well as rugs and an inviting desk/meeting area. Though we wanted to cover some of the chain link fence, we left a lot of it to add to the industrial feeling of the studio. The way the chain link, bare insulated walls and colorful piping all play off of each other are all amazing elements. 

The end result (though it will always be a work in progress) is a space that's both beautiful and functional. It's industrial and comfortable, all while being highly efficient.

We love our little home sweet home.

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