Pink Puddle Studio x Standard Wax

Pink Puddle Studio x Standard Wax

Rachel Eskandari of Pink Puddle Studio exudes pure joy - and her work is no different. 

"She creates colorful botanical watercolor paintings with unconventional color schemes and the dreaming intention she wants to communicate, working outside the boundaries of reality. An artist, born and raised in the beautiful desert that is Arizona, she is naturally inspired by her surroundings."

So when the opportunity came up to do a candle with her, the answer was an obvious "duh". Rachel hand painted a super limited number of our classic ceramic vessels to create this lovely, happy little collection.

Enjoy this super limited-edition candle collection, hand painted by Rachel and filled with our signature fragrances. And great news: this ceramic vessel is going to look amazing in your home - it's even reusable once the candle is gone!

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