Really, Really Good Taste: Alex Leiphart

Really, Really Good Taste: Alex Leiphart

Today's Really, Realy Good Taste feature is Alex Leiphart, who has been a friend of the brand for several years now. Fun fact: Alex used to compete with his friends to see who could collect the most limited-edition Standard Wax products. He helped with the design of our website and has since launched his very own design firm and creative workspace. We definitely believe that he has really, really good taste, and we hope you do too!

Full Name:
Alex Leiphart

Social Media Links:

Age: 22

Where do you live? Phoenix, AZ

What do you do? Owner, Co-Founder & Art Director at BrandLoyal.

How do you bring art into your everyday? 
I spend my day surrounded by art. I’m grateful to have grown up in a family of artistic-minded people and I’ve always carried that with me. I intentionally curate both my home and collaborative workspace with thoughtfully designed furniture, artwork, as well as the vibe and experience (which I still consider a form of art).

What gets you excited about life? 
There are few things more fulfilling and exciting in life, even when times are difficult, than being able to wake up and work towards my own personal, creative, and professional goals. Having the power to choose where and what I spend my time on is what excites me.

What’s one thing you do to totally relax?
I’ve recently enjoyed swimming on Sunday evenings to decompress and prepare for the week ahead. Otherwise, spending a morning hanging out at a coffee shop for a few hours, without anything to do or any agenda, chatting with whoever stops by, is a great relaxer for me.

If you could only shop from three brands for the rest of your life, they’d be: Everlane, Allbirds, Sunday Goods

Why is good design important to you?
Essentially every
thing a human experiences throughout daily life is designed by someone. Kinda fascinating when you think about it. So, good design is important to me because it has the power to truly influence and improves people’s lives. 

What’s something unique about you, that most people wouldn’t know?
I have no formal training in art or design. I dropped out of college (and left high school after two years). Schooling just isn’t my thing. 

All about your candle:
I wanted a fall-style candle, without it looking like a Michael’s Halloween decoration, hence the Pumpkin Peppercorn scent selection, but a classic black vessel and black label.

alex leiphart has really really good taste


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