Really, Really Good Taste: Amy Sanusi

Really, Really Good Taste: Amy Sanusi

Amy is truly a master at bringing art into your everyday. In her job as a family photographer, she creates little pieces of art that become lifelong treasures. Really, what's more special than a  moment in time captured forever?

Read on to learn more about why Amy has really, really good taste.

Full Name: Amy Sanusi

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Age: 28 

Where do you live? Brooklyn, NY

What do you do? I am a maternity, newborn and family photographer! 

How do you bring art into your everyday?
My Husband makes fun of me that I love my “things.” Whether it’s photos, prints, little statues, or mementos, I love to fill our home with memories and moments of art. I love that I can use photography to help other families fill their walls too. Not just with the standard family photos, but with artful imagery documenting their family. 

What gets you excited about life?
Living in New York, there are a lot of exciting things going on all around you. All the time, all hours of the day. But what really gets me stoked is a chance to be in the quiet at home, working on my business and enjoying time with my husband and stepdaughter. Sure the city is energizing and fun, but having a home, business and life here is amazing. 

What’s one thing you do to totally relax?
My personal heaven is being in nature. I love driving upstate a few hours to soak up the quiet in the mountains, away from the noise of Brooklyn and breathe the fresh air. When I can’t make it out of the city, I love going for walks in Prospect Park or Central Park with maybe a picnic lunch. 

If you could only shop from three brands for the rest of your life, they’d be:
Oh man, that’s tough. But I would have to say, Madewell, Target (yep I’m addicted) and Anthropologie. 

Why is good design important to you?
I used to be under the impression that good design was purely a pleasing visual aesthetic. I have come to appreciate what convenience and style can make you feel. When something is designed well, in all aspects, it becomes irreplaceable and a special part of our lifestyle. Good design helps make living in a small apartment feasible and enjoyable.

What’s something unique about you, that most people wouldn’t know?
I am fluent in German! I studied abroad in Switzerland for 1 year in high school and again in college. I still like to go back from time to time, and see all my Swiss host families and friends. A few of them got to travel to Brooklyn for my wedding and even gave a speech in German at the reception. <3 

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