Really, Really Good Taste: Jill McKee

Really, Really Good Taste: Jill McKee

Each month we feature someone who we believe is living out our mission to bring art into your everyday, and Jill McKee is truly an inspiration in that arena (I mean, I could scroll through photos of her Airbnb cabins literally all day). Read on to be totally inspired by her sunny outlook and way of life!

Full Name: Jill McKee

Social Media Links: @jillmariemckee @getawayframe

Age: 45

Where do you live? Gilbert, AZ

What do you do? Gate Agent for American Airlines and owner/designer/manager of two  a-frame cabins in Pinetop, AZ

How do you bring art into your everyday?
I bring art into my everyday by noticing the beautiful and natural things around me.  The sunrises, sunsets, and cloud formations are just incredible in Arizona. I try to never miss one! Live and organic things are so artistic to me…plants and flowers, raw finishes like brass, wood, and marble in their natural state, the baby lambs in the backyard, the smiles on my family’s faces, this is all art to me and luckily, I’m surrounded by it everyday!

What gets you excited about life?
Since I work for an airline, I get really excited about planning my next adventure!  I have the luxury of traveling anywhere in the world, so I’m always researching and thinking about what’s next.   Including my family on most of my trips is my number one goal and payoff. Experiencing other cultures, countries, and people has expanded my view and has made life so much more exciting for my whole family!  It has given all of us an education and a new level of understanding that I will be forever grateful for.  

What’s one thing you do to totally relax?
I am a professional nap taker! 

Why is good design important to you?
Good design inspires me!  When designing interiors, I put so much energy into what the space will be used for and by whom.  I have a strong belief that good design is really only a few steps away from bad design, but there is a huge swing in the result.  A well-designed space will speak to you….and most people don’t know why. It’s been my quest to figure out the why and hone in on creating that feeling for others.  I have loved setting up Airbnbs and hearing how much our guests love our cabins because of the well thought out design details!

What’s something unique about you, that most people wouldn’t know?
My dad was a pig farmer and I grew up on a farm.  We had horses, cows, chickens, dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds. I was in 4-H and took a pig to the fair every year. I am just as comfortable around pigs as humans!   

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